Live from the Cave of Wonders by Kalumet

kalumet2.jpgListen to KALUMET's first exclusive Shiny Whale Show on radiOzora again 19th July Friday 4pm CET on the Trance channel.

Originally started out as a tribal-influenced progressive project KALUMET is one of the most diverse underground psytrance artists of the scene nowadays playing more Full-on oriented craziness and spreading mystical night psychedelic vibes in his eclectic-funky live sets.

Zoltan Vajda started his musical career way back in 1993 with playing bass in a schoolband first but soon enough he was already interested in electronic music and started creating his own sounds with his home computer. In 1998 the first official Kalumet track got released - a remix for the famous Hungarian psychedelic rock band Korai Öröm - which was followed by numerous compilation releases after that. Since the Millenium Kalumet has been playing around live and DJ sets in Hungary and all around and always takes his performances quite seriously. Famous of being able to entertain a crowd for endless hours and whole nights even if requested, he is carefully selecting his loops and effects to prepare a truly psychedelic experience every time he goes on stage.

Shiny Whale Show is the new series hosted by Kalumet on radiOzora you can expect to come every month from now on. The first installment "Live at the Cave of Wonders" showcases several unreleased goodies and secret material coming straight from the Kalumet studio, including all five tracks of his forthcoming EP "Sheer Liquid Wonderment" by Sangoma Records. A two hours long crazy-funky night psychedelic set recorded live in the Kalumet studio the artist himself likes to call "The Cave of Wonders".

Starting 11pm CET on the Trance channel on Thursday, tune in!

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